Why Mykonos villas are ideal for holidays


Mykonos is the kind of island that people don’t usually visit alone. The reason we say this, is the fact that it’s pretty much like Las Vegas, only without the casinos. If you are looking for the ultimate partying and clubbing destination in Europe, then this small island in the Aegean Sea may be the perfect choice for you. If you have a group of friends that you like to party and have fun with, then Mykonos will definitely provide you with a very fun and exciting time.

What makes Mykonos stand out, is the fact that it is home to some of the most famous and unique clubs that Europe has to offer, especially during the summer. Furthermore, on the island’s many beautiful beaches one can find many beach bars that actually double as clubs, since they also serve alcohol and blast dance music all day long. So, if Las Vegas is known as the sin city, Mykonos can be called the sin island, which is why most people choose to visit it with their most fun friends.

When it comes to staying on Mykonos, a lot of people prefer to just book a room at a good hotel, which is always a good idea since some of the best and most luxurious hotels in Greece are located on the island. However, if you intend to visit Mykonos with a group of friends, then renting a villa is probably the way to go. Let’s find out why.

A once in a lifetime opportunity

When you are doing something crazy, you might as well go all the way. If you choose to party like a rock star on Mykonos then why not opt to live like one for a few days? If you set out to have the vacation of a lifetime on Mykonos, then you simply need to stay in a villa. The best villas in Mykonos are very spacious and luxurious and they can provide their guests with a once in a lifetime vacation experience. Simply put, why stay in a hotel room when you can live it up and stay in a villa meant for the rich and the famous? You might be wondering how you would be able to afford to stay in one, which brings us to the next point on our list.

You can split the cost

It goes without saying that booking a villa costs way more than booking a hotel room that isn’t the presidential suite in a five star hotel. The good thing about villas however, is the fact that they are huge, which allows them to accommodate lots of people. This means that if you manage to convince quite a few of your friends to join you on the party of a lifetime on Mykonos, you can all stay at the villa together and split the cost. It might surprise you, but with enough people, each person’s daily share will be less than the daily rate of a good hotel room.

Have amazing parties

Why stay on an island famous for its parties if you can’t have a party of your own? Most villas on Mykonos are located on large properties complete with swimming pools, hot tubs and barbecue pits. This means that you and your friends can easily have a party at your villa each and every night. If you would like to throw a big party with lots of people – you are bound to meet lots of interesting people during your stay on Mykonos – then the property management agency that will rent you the villa will hook you up with catering and party equipment rental companies in order for you to throw an amazing party as cheaply and easily as possible.

Mykonos: The ultimate gay friendly destination

The ultimate gay friendly destination for your holidays

Before explaining this very title that Mykonos acquired throughout the years, it is rather crucial to make a vital distinction between two quite troubling phrases along with the connotations they bring to the public sphere.


The aforementioned distinction is to be made between the expressions gay, and gay friendly.  For a place to be characterized as gay implies the cliche that the corresponding destination is only suitable for homosexual people, and at the same time entirely lacks the presence of heterosexual individuals.  Thus, that makes this particular type of wording style quite discriminating, and offensive.  On the other hand, the gay friendly phrasing is more appropriate, or at least with a less hostile face value.


Over the past decades, Mykonos earned the reputation of the ultimate gay friendly destination, and not by chance.  Throughout the years, the Island of the Winds established and developed an inclusive atmosphere by embracing the diversity, and celebrating difference in all of its forms.  That obviously resulted on becoming the ultimate gay friendly destination.


Mykonos gradually became a great example of a place, which successfully combined the culture of the local people, and the cosmopolitan sentiment that all the visitors brought to the island.  The outcome is the development of a multicultural destination with a genuine gay friendly attitude, where gay and lesbian visitors from all around the globe choose to spend their summer vacations.


Impressively, in Mykonos there are no ghetto areas for gay people.  To the contrary, every visitor, irrespective of his/her sexual orientation can equally enjoy each and every spot of the island freely, and safely.   That is exactly what makes Mykonos so popular among the LGBT community.


Before addressing the gay friendly spots and activities though, it is worth mentioning that Mykonos offer a wide range of high-end options about the accommodation choices for absolutely all of its visitors.  The most impressive of which though are the breath taking villas scattered in all of the Myconian territory.  They are all luxuriously designed in order to please even the most demanding travelers.


The most popular bars among the LGBT community


These are by far the most vibrant and hot places to party, and predominately are located in the Mykonos Town or Chora.  The choices include several options ranging from nightclubs to stylish bars, and from bistros to pubs.  The ones that stand out from this very category are the absolutely fabulous Jackie O’, which is the most famous one, the Babylon Bar, which is a great place for drinks, and the so called Porta, which is one of the oldest gay bars in the entire island.


The gay friendly beach bars


When it comes to the beach bars, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Of course your choice depends on the scene that you would like to participate in, as there are more secluded and more popular choices.  Among the most popular ones when it comes to the choices of gay men and women are Elia Beach, which is the most famous one, and Jackie O; Beach located in Super Paradise.  The latter, is among the best beach bars in the world!


The XLSIOR festival


Apart from all the famous cosmopolitan choices, the gay community in Mykonos has another reason to celebrate.  This is one of the best festivals worldwide, which takes place every August in Mykonos, and brings together thousands of gay travelers from all around the globe.  It includes frenzy parties with well renowned DJs, and lasts for seven days.


As you have probably understood so far, Mykonos constitutes a great safe destination for not only the LGBT community, but also each and every one of you.  The only thing you need to have a great in Mykonos is your great attitude towards difference and diversity.

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